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Abstract deadline: 23 September, 1700 (BST, GMT+1)
Abstract submission has been closed.

The full 40-page abstract booklet, including a detailed programme, is now available. You can download a pdf copy here!


We are very excited to have so many of you here in Edinburgh for the 2022 ASAB Winter Conference! This edition of ASAB Winter has an extraordinary numerous and diverse participation of scientists, both in terms of geographic origin, study system, and career stage. These are the premises for two days of fantastic fruitful scientific exchange in the context of a very exciting and top-quality programme focused around animal movement!

Animal movement is a component of animal behaviour that brings together many different research approaches, from navigation and motion in different contexts, to individual and group responses to environmental changes, to physiological and genetic regulatory feedback. We received an incredibly rich number of applications for talks and posters, each one of them interesting and innovative, and had to face the very difficult task to choose among all these contributions, which were all of high quality. We decided to aim at the broadest diversity of study systems and topics of research on movement and include an exciting new talk format - flash talks. We hope you will have a fantastic time at this year's winter conference supported by ASAB!



The 2022 ASAB Winter Organizing Committee

Christine Beardsworth, Ginny Chan, Francesca Cagnacci, Jolle Jolles, Myles Menz


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