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Hublets are a great way to watch the talks together and interact with other animal behaviour researchers for discussion, debate and networking. This year there are a total of 9 Hublets remotely hosting the ASAB Winter Meeting, from as far as Japan, Quebec, Brazil and Botswana!  Anyone can attend these Hublets, including non-ASAB members! Just contact the organiser of the Hublet you want to join via the links below

ASAB Hublets map


Portsmouth, UK
Contact Person: Marine Joly
Location: Portsmouth University, S. England

Ghent, Belgium
Contact person: Camille Troisi
Location: University of Ghent, Belgium


Wageningen, Netherlands
Contact person: Aurelia Strauß
Location: NIOO: Droevendaalsesteeg 10, 6708 PB Wageningen

Averio, Portugal
Contact Person: Rita Torres
Location: Averio University, Averio

Zurich & Sempach, Switserland

Contact Person: Benedetta Catitti

Location: University of Zurich (Day 1), Swiss Ornithological Institute, Sempach (Day 2)



Rimouski, Canada

Contact person:Jeanne Clermont
Location: Université du Québec, 300 allée des Ursulines, G5L 3A1 Rimouski


Recife, Brazil
Contact person: Filipa Abreu & Felipe Bufalo

Location: Universidade Católica of Permanbuco, Recife


Maun, Botswana
Contact Person: Emily Bennitt

Location: ​University of Botswana, Maun


Tokyo, Japan
Contact Person: Isaac Planas-Sitjà
Location: Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo

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