Welcome to the website of the 2022 Winter Meeting of ASAB,
the Society for the study of Animal Behaviour!

Theme: Animal Movement, 6 & 7 Dec 2022 @ Edinburgh

From local individual movements, and daily foraging movements, to collective movement and dispersal, and global migratory patterns, movement is ubiquitous among animals. Animal movement has impacts at almost all ecological levels, and across temporal and spatial scales, including affecting individuals themselves, shaping social interactions and the structure of populations, the spread of disease and social information, and how populations cope with environmental change. From the detailed mechanistic causes, to the long-term evolutionary consequences, animal movement has received a lot of interest from the scientific community, across a large range of disciplines. With the 2022 ASAB Winter Conference we will focus on this exciting research topic and hope to attract scientists working on this broad topic across the whole spectrum of research topics. This includes: movement ecology, individual differences and movement, cognition and animal movement, social grouping and collective movement, migration and dispersal, spread of disease and social information, movement responses to global change, animal tracking in the lab and field, applications of movement ecology in conservation.

Check out the final programme or download a pdf of the abstract booklet!

Plenary speakers: 

Dr. Lucy Hawkes, University of Exeter

Prof. Rosie Woodroffe, Zoological Society of London

Prof. Ran Nathan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tinbergen Lecture: Prof. Nicola Clayton, University of Cambridge

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